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Joyce and Walky! Complete

$35.00 - On Sale

This is all 54 months of Joyce & Walky! strips, running from the beginning of the series, August 2005, to the end. Each month had new strips on every Tuesday and Thursday, resulting in an average of 8 strips per month. Additionally, most months have their own exclusive desktop wallpaper art.

The final page is a work in progress and will be updated with new strips until the story's ultimate conclusion, whenever the cartoonist can be bothered because he's a lazy asshole. When new strips go up, he'll post about it, probably on Tumblr/Twitter.

Each month was originally available for a minimum $2 donation, so $45 for 54 months is an amazingly good deal! After your purchase, you'll be e-mailed a list of links, with each link sending you to a month's page.

(There are also options to purchase the first or second half of links for $20.)